New Captain America Set Images Show Period-Props & A New View of a HYDRA Car

New <i>Captain America</i> Set Images Show Period-Props & A New View of a <i>HYDRA</i> Car

These new set images show the progress of the Manchester/New York renovation, a 40s era props of a new filming location, & more. Check it Out!

The last set pictures for the much-anticipated Captain America movie, gave us a tease of what Marvel & director Joe Johnston have in store for out star Spangled patriot. Now these new set images, less substantial, reveal the near-finished progress of the Manchester/1940s Brooklyn transformation, and 1940s signs that'll make the false storefronts come to life. Take a scroll down to see the images, plus minor filming details for another location, and more.

Also, a local of the area near Pinewood Studios, where filming for Captain America have also been taking place, spotted a property of Red Skull's German army branch, HYDRA. A bit grainy, check out the side view of the 40s vehicle, where only the front end was seen in those recent set images.

Also, the Hackney Gazette confirmed a while ago that in addition to filming in Manchester, the Captain America production crew will also be shooting at the Hackney Empire, September 13-17. And now the Captain America Filming in Manchester blog reports that preparation has begun. And in the next few days, a load of 1940’s vehicles will be arriving. The blog also got a couple of shots of props being used.

It's unclear what exactly will be filmed at the Hackney Theater, but in reality, in the 1940s, the theater was a music hall. And it held varieties of entertainment involving a mixture of popular song, comedy and specialty acts. I have reasons to believe the scene coincides with THIS info, where Captain America (Chris Evans) & several other uniformed characters are involved.

Anyhow, look for Captain America: The First Avenger in theaters next year, July 22!
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