Ridiculous Trailer And Stills For Upcoming 1990's Captain America DVD Re-Release!

Ridiculous Trailer And Stills For Upcoming 1990's <i>Captain America</i> DVD Re-Release!

Set to be re-released on DVD later this year, MGM have unveiled a trailer for the unbelievably awful looking movie, as well as a few stills of Captain America and the friendly looking Italian Red Skull...

During World War II, a brave American soldier (Salinger) volunteers to undergo experiments to become a new super-soldier, codenamed “Captain America.” Infiltrating Germany to sabotage Nazi rockets pointed at the U.S., Captain America faces off with Nazi superhuman warrior Red Skull (Scott Paulin, The Right Stuff) who defeats the hero, throwing him into suspended animation. Frozen for 50 years, Captain America is found and revived only to find that Red Skull has changed identities and has targeted the President of the United States (Ronny Cox, RoboCop) for assassination. With America on the verge of utter chaos, it is up to one man to save the day!

Captain America will be released on DVD on July 19th, later this year. Meanwhile, with an all star cast which includes Chris Evans as Captain America, Sebastian Stan as Bucky, Hugo Weaving as Red Skull, Hayley Atwell as Peggy Carter, Tommy Lee Jones as Col. Chester Phillips, Stanley Tucci as Abraham Erskine and Dominic Cooper as Howard Stark, Captain America: The First Avenger will be released in cinemas on July 22nd!

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