Sebastian Stan Looks Ahead To His Possible Future In The Marvel Cinematic Universe

Sebastian Stan Looks Ahead To His Possible Future In The Marvel Cinematic Universe

If (like his comic book counterpart) Bucky makes it out of Captain America: The Winter Soldier alive, there's a very strong chance we'll see him taking on Iron Man, suiting up as the new Captain America and romancing the Black Widow. Actor Sebastian Stan discusses all that and more here...

"It's only in recent years that I've become a fan," Captain America: The Winter Solider star Sebastian Stan revealed in a recent interview with Vulture when asked just how closely he’s followed Bucky’s comic book adventures. "And now I'm really into the story line and I've read all the [Ed] Brubaker stuff, so now I'm really going in and going, 'Okay, this is cool. Wow, I'm lucky this is the character I ended up with.'"

In that storyline, the resurrected Bucky seeks out revenge against Tony Stark following Steve Rogers’ death at the conclusion of Civil War, later taking on the mantle himself. As you might expect, this is the kind of juicy material the actor is very interested in taking on. "I wouldn't mind that at all. Iron Man would definitely outwit the Winter Soldier very quickly, in terms of banter, but after that? Maybe things would turn out a different way." Those of you who have seen the movie will of course know that [SPOILER: HIGHLIGHT TO READ] The Winter Soldier actually assassinated Howard and Maria Stark, perhaps offering up another reason for him and Iron Man to come to blows. [END SPOILERS]

When talk turned to exploring the past between Bucky and the Black Widow as the comic books recently did, Stan added: "Hey, listen, I could talk about the Black Widow all you want! That's an amazing story line. I would love for that to happen.” As for the chance to seduce Scarlett Johansson’s Black Widow in the present day, he added: “That is ... something ... one should ... have a chance at doing. Yes." What are you guys hoping the future holds in store for Bucky?

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