Thoughts on what we've learned about the Captain America movie...

Thoughts on what we've learned about the Captain America movie...

Hello friends and true believers! Well, since its press junket time for Joe Johnston's Wolfman movie we have been getting a ton of juicy, nerdgasmic news about his prep for Captain Ameica...

Within the last 2 days we discovered that; 1)The Invaders will be in it; 2) There will be ties to Thor and Ironman; 3) Red Skull may appear; 4) It's an origin story that ends in modern day and goes into Avengers.

I have full faith in this movie. We had 3 terrible Captain America movies(the 2 in the 70's with Reb Brown and the 90's one). I'm really curious as to how they are gonna integrate all these characters like Namor, Bucky, the original Human Torch and so forth. The mention of his costume origin is actually pretty cool, although we never really learned how he obtains it. Also the idea of him being part of a USO show, might mean that's where we have the Invaders -- they are troupe members who decide to take action.

My biggest concern is Namor, he's the Atlantean king with wings on his feet and is Marvel's first mutant (pre-x-men and retcons). How will he join? Will he appear in the future with Rogers? Will he be in the Avengers? I also want to see how they bring in the original Human Torch (who becomes vision), and will it also be in the Avengers. Also what members of the Invaders will be there? Will it be Cap, Bucky, Union Jack and one other person? Will Nick Fury be in it? How will Thor and Iron Man be integrated (head spinning)?

This movie is full of so many what if's, and one question brings in more. So, for now all we got is little tidbits and when the casting is underway. I predict this debate will cause some minor war amongst members, but we gotta accept the casting choice (DDL FOR They are not gonna screw this up! They want to make this an amazing movie, a great comic book movie, and the best set-up for the spin-off The AVENGERS (trumpet horns).

Till next time, BlackAirs out.
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