Unique HYDRA Tank Spotted on Latest Filming Location for Captain America Movie

Unique HYDRA Tank Spotted on Latest Filming Location for <i>Captain America</i> Movie

UPDATED: Exclusive on-location images from the set of Captain America have been exposed, showing preparation at the new location, a new HYDRA tank, & Cap himself.

As the production of the much-anticipated Captain America movie went out with a "huge" bang, concluding filming in Caerwent, Wales, they have now moved to the Southern coast of England, Hampshire; right on schedule. These Exclusive images come to us courtesy of Darren Griffin, who recognized the crew by a HYDRA logo planted on the side of unique tank, settled on the top of Beacon Hill Road. The location is said to act as a prison, that in reality is under construction.

UPDATE: I just came in contact with this blurry image of Chris Evans' stunt double, suited up and ready to go, located at this same Hampshire set. What's being filmed is uncertain, but possibly coinciding with these past set images, we do know that a prison at this location is being built. And a mini-tank is settled at the gate ready to fire; what do you think?

I know one thing I'm looking forward to seeing when the movie comes to DVD, is the collection of all of Red Skull's unique HYDRA branded vehicles & products. Anyhow, filming for Captain America: The First Avenger in Hampshire is said to begin tomorrow November 8, while the film is set for theaters July 22, next year. And much appreciation to Darren for sharing these images with us today. If YOU happen to have any further info or images, regarding this location or any other, feel free to Contact Me.
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