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Captain America, the boy scout anti-hero, is on an international quest to find his best friend, Bucky Barnes. With the help of Sam Wilson, the duo travels to the jungles of Vietnam, where they encounter a violent and sadistic sociopath who threatens to terrorize the United States.

I was not a very big fan of The First Avenger. It felt kiddy and dense, simplistic and black and white, cliched and rudimentary. It had a lot of heart, and great characters (Steve for example), but the movie itself did not satisfy my thirst for a more serious film. When I saw The Winter Soldier in April of 2014, I was knocked off my feet. I did not suspect that a sequel to a film so Disney family friendly could be so grim, dark, emotional, smart, and have a healthy amount of fun; especially considering that it's two predesecors in the MCU (Iron Man 3 and Thor: The Dark World) felt so simple and "safe."

Remember, we went from this kind of a movie...

...to this kind of a movie

I want more of what the Russo brothers gave us, respect; they treated their audience (comic book fans and movie fans alike) with respect in the Winter Soldier. Yes it had flaws; but considering that it was the MCU's first stab at something more adult, it wasn't a bad job at all. If the Russo brothers choose to keep the mature theme going for the Captain America series, I expect to see an progessed version of what we saw with The Winter Soldier.

I'm going to be extremely general about what I want to see; I don't want to set my hopes on unrealisitc details.

  • The appearence of the singular villain, Earth-1610 Frank Simpson/Nuke. Dolph Lundgren has to portray Nuke.
  • The primary setting being in Vietnam
  • Anti-American morals vs Pro-American morals (Nuke vs Captain America). This would politically charge the film and get movie goers to think.
  • Rambo inspiried action/motifs/themes/cinematography. Much like how the Russos claim All the President's Men influenced The Winter Soldier.
  • And of course...

The plot of the film would be as follows:
  • The movie begins with Steve and Sam in Moscow, outside the Grand Kremlin Palace.
  • The duo finds Bucky attempting to look inconspicuous. He runs, not wanting to be found. A chase ensues similar to the parkour sequence of Casino Royale.

  • Bucky runs to a train, there he attempts to hide amongst the passengers; only Steve manages to run to the train in time. Once Steve catches up to him in his car, Bucky has no choice but to run again.
  • Steve chases Bucky to the last car. Climbing out of the train and onto the roof, Bucky and Steve stand atop the car as snow blows past them. Stopping in his tracks, Bucky glares at Steve before throwing off his peacoat and revealing his metal arm.
  • Bucky jumps off the train and slides down a steep cliff (this would be a nod to Captain America: The First Avenger).
  • The movie cuts to Steve and Sam discussing where to find Bucky now that he's escaped again. Through discussion and slight character exposition, the audience discovers that Bucky has been trying to piece his life back together. First by obtaining his kill list in Moscow, and then visiting every site he had completed an assassination.
  • Using the dossier Natasha had given Steve at the end of TWS, Sam and Steve reevaluate their search and struggle to piece together where he could be now. They narrow down his most signifcant, and sloppy, kills in "Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam," "Memphis, Tennessee," and "Dallas, Texas."
  • They continue their search in Ho Chi Minh City. There, they find a ragtag guerilla movement consisting mostly of Vietnam Veterans.
  • Upon investigation of the guerillas' camp, they are beaten and captured. Restrained in a tent, they are met by Frank Simpson.
  • Frank recognizes the men and thus decides not to kill them, but instead wants to keep them for torture and brainwashing. He gives Steve and Sam their own prison tents, wanting to keep them apart.
  • Nuke forces Steve and Sam, individually, to listen to his personal historical lectures on American international interventions and the horrors the American government (Project MKUltra, Operation Paperclip, the brutal domestic reception of Vietnam Vets, de jurge discirmination, etc.)
  • Steve resists Frank's attempts to turn him against the America he believes can exist, retaining hope.
  • Bringing Steve outside his tent, Frank throws him down in the center of the camp. Once he gains control of himself and is able to sit up, Steve sees Sam in the same predicament.
  • Just then, a third man is brought out of anothet tent. It is revealed to be a shirtless Bucky, restrained on a bed rack (this is a nod to Rambo: First Blood Part II). Bucky can be seen with deep flesh wounds, slash wounds, bruises, etc.
  • Frank explains to Steve and Sam that he has never met a more ruthless killer than the Winter Soldier, who was mostly a ghostly myth to him during his days in the Vietnam war. He exposes his desire to brainwash Bucky for his undisclosed intentions.
  • Steve is even more worried. Frank taunts Steve's boy-scout reputation, calling him Uncle Sam's bitch. Frank then picks up Steve's shield from a minion and breaks a log, displaying his enormous and formidable strength. The shield is small in comparison to Frank's build.
  • Steve verbally defends himself, saying that he makes his own decisions and does what he believes is right, not what his government says should be done.
  • Frank becomes interested in Steve; he then has Sam and Bucky sent back to their respective tents. Taking Steve with him, he walks him into the jungle.
  • They arrive in a large ditch with a network of trenches and some underground tunnels. As Frank walks Steve through the secret camp, he reveals his army of brainwashed vets and Vietnamese locals; those who did not consent to Frank's plan. Frank goes on to reveal his desire to brutally murder those who made life hell upon his return to the states after the war, and that he would stop at nothing and sacrifice anything to get his justice. He had an army, he had weapons, and he was ready to wreak havoc.
  • Steve, sympathetic for Frank's suffering and injustice, listens to him but sternly refuses to allow the killing the innocent Americans. Frank becomes irritated with Steve's reluctence, he sends Steve back to his tent to be tortured.
  • Steve, once inside the tent, breaks his mobile restraints and takes out all the guards, not killing a single one.
  • He goes to Sam's tent and frees him. Informing Sam of Frank's plan, they both leave the tent and prepare to free Bucky, weaponless.
  • On their way, they are stopped by Frank, who beats both of the men to the edge of life.
  • Through a foggy, knocked out POV of Steve, we hear Frank monologue how he doesn't want to kill Steve; Frank wanted Steve to see his own failure and watch America suffer.
  • The movie cuts to Steve and Sam in the Avengers tower. It is revealed that Frank sent them back to America. Without hesitation upon waking up, Steve suits up as Captain America (without his shield, as Frank has it) and Sam gets his Falcon wings.

  • Just as they are about to leave, Stark intercepts them and offers Steve his energy shield. Steve refuses, running into a modified Quinjet with Sam.

  • Cap and Falcon fly to Vietnam. Their mission: free Bucky and stop Frank from terrorizing the United States. They flyby Frank's camp, finding it deserted.
  • Suspicious, Cap throws a magazine into the camp site, setting off a land mine. Falcon grabs Cap, and the duo hovers over to Bucky's tent.
  • They find it occupied by Bucky, who is unconscious and looks worse than before. Cap enters through the roof of the hut and removes Bucky's restraints (this would be a nod to Captain America: The First Avenger); Sam flies them out individually, taking Bucky out first.
  • Once in the Quinjet, Bucky wakes up and grabs a gun from inside the Jet. He fires on Sam, who tries to escape the gunshots. Bucky then takes control of the Quinjet and flies away. Sam returns to Steve on the roof of the hut. He picks him up and follows the jet.
  • The Quinjet arrives at Ho Chi Minh City Airport. Bootless, shirtless, and obviously injured, Bucky walks out of the jet with only a shotgun. He opens fire on ground patrol, taking them out with ease.
  • Cut to Frank and his men; Frank is seen with war paint on his face resembling an American flag. We find them entering the airport and killing all agents at security; they prepare to board multiple passenger planes with destinations for the United States. We find out that Frank scheduled his airport attack to coincide with the arrival of a US Air Force cargo plane, equiped with arms and munitions for delivery; he would use this specific aircraft to take a portion of his men and lead an attack on San Francisco.
  • Frank hears the shots and knows Bucky came after him. A minion urges him to leave quickly. Through conversation, we learn that Frank left Bucky for dead at his base after he refused to cooperate and physically resisted brainwashing.
  • Frank boards the US cargo jet with a portion of his men, preparing to leave for the United States.
  • Cap and Falcon arrive. Once they see Frank's men boarding the airplanes, they engage the minions and begin to disable the multiple aircraft.
  • One plane is leaving for departure, Frank's. Cap runs after the plane and enters through the landing gear as it takes off (this would be a nod to  Captain America: The First Avenger).
  • Cap takes out all of his men on the plane, with no shield.
  • Frank puts the plane on auto and picks up the shield, ready to face Cap in battle.
  • Nuke and Cap throw down. Steve is beat and battered with his own shield, but he holds his ground. Eventually he does reclaim his shield, only to have his arm broken.
  • Nuke stands atop Cap, breaking his other arm with Steve's own shield. Just then, Bucky jumps onto Nuke and throws him off Steve. With his metal arm, he cuts and bruises Nuke's face, flooring him.
  • The war paint flag is covered in blood and bruised blue. Cupping Frank's head in his hands, he places his metal thumb and normal thumb over his eyes. Bucky then screams, "I'm not your bitch!" We hear Frank scream and a head get crushed. Steve watches, shocked.
  • The movie cuts to Steve and Sam in the Avenger's tower again, bandaged and standing over Bucky's bed.

The three main characters would represent different viewpoints on America.

  • Captain America: An equal and fair America, a government that trusts its citizens, a government that doesn't abuse it's power, freedom of religion, etc.
  • The Winter Soldier: A semi Pro-active America, a government that uses Premtive strikes and often shoots then asks questions later. Extremely sentimental and has a sense of black and white justice. The Winter Soldier is A FALLEN SON
  • Nuke: A corrupt, evil America that abuses it's citizens, seeks to gain absolute power, conceive an empire, and go to destructive/inhumane lengths to exercise tyanical authority. Nuke is A FALLEN SON

Each character reflects their respective qualities of different Americas, whether or not they're fighting to make America what they believe (Cap and Nuke fight to make America what they believe, Winter Soldier does not).

Is this a movie you would like to see? Comment below and let us know. I would pay big bucks to see this sequel.

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