UPDATE: CAPTAIN AMERICA 2 D.C. Metro Bus Stunt Detailed With Video And Photos

<font color="red">UPDATE:</font> CAPTAIN AMERICA 2 D.C. Metro Bus Stunt Detailed With Video And Photos

Since early last week there's been a Metro bus lying on West 3rd St. on its side. The bottom of the bus is rigged with explosives and details have emerged about this scene in Captain America: The Winter Soldier. UPDATED with video, more pics and info!

Captain America: The Winter Soldier did not take Saturday off in Cleveland as they needed to make up for last Thursday's rain delay.

The focus on Saturday was a flipped Metro bus that has been on set and on its side since early last week. Per on location reports provided to The Daily SuperHero, the driver of the bus was said to be shot and slumps over the steering wheel. The person who shot the bus driver was not clear but it was most likely the Winter Soldier or one of his goons.

After being shot, it was said that either the driver or a passenger was propelled out of a windshield as the bus is about to roll over into the position seen in the above photo. The actual rolling took place after the bus was hit by another vehicle. While on its side it is also assumed that someone, probably the Winter Soldier, will shoot up the bottom of the bus since it has been loaded with bullet hole effects.

There were also giant cranes on the Shoreway overpass to assist in the Winter Soldier's goons jumping down to the street level, ready to fire their machine guns. Stay tuned as The Daily SuperHero has been told that Steve Rogers will be on set today to finished up this particular scene with the Metro bus.

More updated photos of the bus crash!

Check out this great video courtesy of @bryan_fitz!

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