Update: Dane Cook Auditioning for Captain America?

<font color="red">Update:</font> Dane Cook Auditioning for Captain America?

Actor/ comedian, Dane Cook has posted on his Twitter account that he has an audition in Captain America. Dane Cook just gave me an update on the supposed audition

According to the verified Twitter account of Dane Cook, he has slimmed down or bulked up for either Captain America, or most likely a part in the film. Knowing hi he could be joking, but you never

"Im minus 7% body fat now, bones replaced w/lightweight scandium alloy! Had 2 get shredded 4 Captain America audition & standup tour."
about 3 hours ago


Not knowing if he was joking or not, I asked Dane if he really was auditoning for the role, and he replied via Twitter:

"@Marvel_Freshman r u really auditioning 4 Captain America? Dc: I did already. They might b goin young. I say go RDJr route-gimme the part!
about 2 hours ago

So this could confirm that he was going in for the part of Steve Rogers, and that Marvel could have passed on him for the role.

MarvelFreshman: I...don't...know, I say if I think John Krasinski could be good, why not Dane. I can see him making the role his own, though unlike Krasinski, I have a hard time picturing him being serious. Anyhow He most likely could be talking about apart in the supporting cast. What do you think?
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