UPDATE: Rumor: The First Avenger: Captain America's Invaders Revealed?

<font color= red>UPDATE:</font> Rumor: <em>The First Avenger: Captain America</em>'s Invaders Revealed?

I have received information from the set of The Captain America movie currently shooting in England. If this is accurate, those hoping to see Namor, Toro, or any of the original team of Invaders from the comics will be very disappointed.

The info comes courtesy of someone claiming to be an extra on set. Although I have been unable to verify if that is accurate, the information does seem like it rings true from what we already know. Anyway, I'll leave this under scoops for now and let you folks debate on it.

The guy tells me that he saw a call sheet for a soon to be shot scene involving Cap and several other uniformed characters. As was reported earlier and is evident on IMDB(still of course no source of confirmation!), the actor J.J. Field is down as playing a character called Falsworth. This is most likely some variation on Montgomery Falsworth, a.k.a. Union Jack who was one of the original members of the team. He says that the mysterious Asian character first reported on Here, is someone called Morita, played by actor Kenneth Choi. There is also Bruno Rici playing a character named Dernier. And it's these men that are referred to in the script as The Invaders.

Of course, this could all be completely inaccurate. Aside from this, the fact that we have heard nothing about any of the other Invaders from the comic being a part of this, I would still have my doubts.

Confirm or debunk below.

Update: Here is a pic of the call sheet. Note the top of the pic which describes Bucky getting trigger happy with some Hydra goons!

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