"Becoming CAPTAIN MARVEL" Featurette Includes Some Epic New Snippets Of Footage

"Becoming CAPTAIN MARVEL" Featurette Includes Some Epic New Snippets Of Footage

Marvel Studios has released a new Captain Marvel featurette exploring how Brie Larson become Carol Danvers and it includes some amazing snippets of footage showing the hero rocketing into action...

The signs are all pointing to Captain Marvel being a game changer for Marvel Studios as they finally release a female-led blockbuster which could very well end up being an even bigger hit than Wonder Woman (early box office projections certainly point to that being the case, anyway). 

Regardless, a new featurette has been released for the movie today and it puts the spotlight on Brie Lason's transformation into Carol Danvers, with interview segments with the Oscar-winning actress, Samuel L. Jackson, and co-director Anna Boden. 

There are also some very brief snippets of never before seen footage as the Skrulls attack and Captain Marvel takes flight and blasts through the sky showcasing her Binary powers. The latest issue of Total Film magazine features a fresh look at Korath (Djimon Hounsou) and Minn-
Erva (Gemma Chan) as part of Starforce and you can also take a look at that below. 

How excited are you for Captain Marvel? Do you think Marvel should start teasing her role in Avengers: Endgame or should that wait until after her solo outing arrives? 


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