CAPTAIN MARVEL Concept Art Features Kree Sentries, Fury Vs. Danvers, And More Deleted Scenes/Alternate Designs

CAPTAIN MARVEL Concept Art Features Kree Sentries, Fury Vs. Danvers, And More Deleted Scenes/Alternate Designs

CAPTAIN MARVEL Concept Art Features Kree Sentries, Fury Vs. Danvers, And More Deleted Scenes/Alternate Designs

Captain Marvel grossed over $1 billion when it was released earlier this year, and now some new concept art from the movie has surfaced which gives us an idea of scenes that were cut before shooting began!

Captain Marvel definitely exceeded expectations at the box office when it was released earlier this year, and while it featured a relatively simplistic origin story for Carol Danvers, the movie still included some memorable moments and succeeded in introducing audiences to the Marvel Cinematic Universe's most powerful superhero. 

Now, some awesome new concept has been uploaded by various artists who worked on the Marvel Studios movie, and these shed some light on ideas and scenes that failed to make it past the pre-production stage. 

As well as a fist fight between Carol and a super-charged Nick Fury, we also get to see the hero battling some massive Kree Sentries. Meanwhile, some of the other pieces here provide very different takes on key moments and locations, not to mention different designs for the Skrulls and the costume worn by the titular hero in her first solo adventure.

There are a lot of great pieces here, so to check out the gallery in its entirety, all you guys have to do is click on the "View List" button down below!

Marvel Studios clearly considered utilising the Kree Sentries in Captain Marvel and it's a great shame that didn't happen, especially when it would have been so much fun seeing them in action.

We saw this piece in low-res a long time ago, but this version is definitely wallpaper worthy! Seeing the Kree Sentries on Earth wouldn't really have made sense but it definitely looks cool. 

Released during Comic-Con a few years back, this piece puts the Kree soldiers in their classic comic book gear and gives Carol her sash. Clearly, this was created very early in the film's development.

Yes, it seems as if Nick Fury was going to don some sort of weaponised gauntlet (powered by the Tesseract?) in order to fight Carol Danvers. This is a sequence that could have been a lot of fun. 


These different takes on Captain Marvel's costume are really cool, and Marvel Studios clearly gave some serious thought to giving the hero her shorter hair long before it appeared in Avengers: Endgame.



These action shots point at a very different final act while also showing Carol unleashing her powers in outer space. Any and all of this would have looked epic on the big screen. 

We're not entirely sure what's supposed to be happening here, but it seems as if Carol is getting involved in some sort of bar fight on Hala. Hopefully, we'll see her in more environments like this!


These alternate takes on the Skrulls are really cool and not all that different to what we saw in the finished film. However, they definitely look a little more sinister than Talos and company! 




Captain Marvel being "brainwashed" by the Skrulls was definitely a very strange sequence, but it could have been even weirder if these alternate designs for the Skrull ship are any indication! 


The final battle on Earth was clearly going to be quite a bit larger in scale once upon a time, and it seems as if war would have come to Earth in a big way. Instead, we got a slightly more personal battle.


These pieces take us to Hala and give us an idea of how the Kree went about convincing its citizens that the Skrulls should be feared. Here's hoping the Kree/Skrull War continues in the sequel.  
Many thanks to John StaubAleksi BriclotRodney Fuentebella, and Pablo Dominguez for the artwork used throughout this post!
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