CAPTAIN MARVEL Executive Producer On Finding The Right Way To Introduce The MCU's First Gay Hero - EXCLUSIVE

CAPTAIN MARVEL Executive Producer On Finding The Right Way To Introduce The MCU's First Gay Hero - <font color=red>EXCLUSIVE</font>

Captain Marvel executive producer Jonathan Schwartz addresses the possibility of Marvel Studios introducing its first openly gay superhero and explains why it's important for them to get it right...

For quite some time now, we've been hearing rumblings about more representation coming to the Marvel Cinematic Universe in Phase 4 and rumours point to The Eternals featuring a lead character who is gay. However, a lot of fans are rooting for characters like Carol Danvers and Valkyrie filling that void, thereby making them the MCU's first out and proud superheroes.

To promote the home entertainment release of Captain Marvel (it arrives on Blu-ray and DVD today), I recently had the opportunity to talk to executive producer Jonathan Schwartz. I asked about fans "shipping" Carol and Valkyrie and he made it clear that no matter who ends up filling that role, Marvel Studios' priority is getting it right.

"You know, I think the important thing about finding the MCU's first openly gay superhero is making sure that it's done right in a way that honours the character and feels totally organic. We talked in the past about characters who could potentially be that character because we know how important that representation is to the community and the answer has really been that it has to be the right character and it has to be the right time. We can't take a half measure and we can't mess it up. I think everyone wants it and everyone wants it to be done the right way."

Regardless of whether it's a new or existing superhero who is revealed as being gay, it's clear that Marvel Studios wants to make them more than a "token" character and that's the right attitude. 

After all, randomly revealing that any superhero is gay just so they can tout the fact the MCU has a homosexual superhero would not be the right reason and them putting so much thought into this is definitely reassuring. For now, though, whether it's Captain Marvel, an Eternal, or someone completely unexpected, it seems we'll have to be patient as they try to find that right time. 

Check back here later for much more from my interview with Jonathan! 
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