CAPTAIN MARVEL Leaked Promo Art And Posters Feature Her Flight Suit, Young Nick Fury, And More

CAPTAIN MARVEL <font color=red>Leaked</font> Promo Art And Posters Feature Her Flight Suit, Young Nick Fury, And More

We were treated to some leaked Avengers 4 promo art earlier today and now it's Captain Marvel's turn because we have some never before seen posters and characters shots for you right here. Check them out!

As has now become commonplace for nearly every Marvel Studios movie, promo art for Captain Marvel has now surfaced just hours after we were treated to a sneak peek at Avengers 4. With the studio choosing to sit out this year's Comic-Con, it's highly unlikely that we'll get any sort of sneak peek during the event and Kevin Feige has been quoted as saying that the trailer is still months away. 

Thank goodness for leaks then, eh? As you can see, not only do we have some very cool promo posters for the highly anticipated 2019 release but there are some great character shots of both Carol Danvers (Brie Larson) and Samuel L. Jackson's Nick Fury (who looks like he's just stepped out of Pulp Fiction).

Whether or not more leaks are on the way is hard to say, especially as Captain Marvel is such a long way off and actual licensing materials are unlikely to start popping up until December/January time. To check these out, though, simply click on the "View List" button to take a look at the entire gallery. 

How cool are these? While that middle picture looks a lot like concept art, the other two are promo posters for licensing material and will more than likely be displayed on magazines and toy packaging.

Alongside a shot of Carol Danvers wearing her iconic flight suit, we have a shot of a young Nick Fury (with both eyes) as he'll appear in the movie. This is presumably before he became S.H.I.E.L.D. director.

These action shots of Captain Marvel are very cool and give us a much better idea of how her powers will be portrayed on the big screen. Clearly, Marvel Studios has chosen to follow the comic books.

A closer look at that Avengers 4 promo art, it's clear that Captain Marvel will wear the same suit in both that and her solo outing. That's no doubt because of how the two movies overlapped.

An even closer look at the shots above, Kevin Feige may have said that a trailer is still months away but it's nice to get a sneak peek like this so far in advance. What do you guys think? Sound off below.

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