CAPTAIN MARVEL Spinoff Book Reveals Potentially Major SPOILERS Including A Surprise Cameo

CAPTAIN MARVEL Spinoff Book Reveals Potentially Major SPOILERS Including A Surprise Cameo

CAPTAIN MARVEL Spinoff Book Reveals Potentially Major <font color=red>SPOILERS</font> Including A Surprise Cameo

In a newly released Captain Marvel spinoff book, some possible spoilers for the movie have been revealed, including intel on a number of key characters, Carol Danvers' powers, and a whole lot more besides!

Captain Marvel is just weeks away from hitting theaters and that means merchandise is starting to hit shelves along with various tie-in books. It's impossible to say how accurate the latter will turn out to be, but we know from past experience that they do tend to reveal a lot of key details, and that's definitely the case in Captain Marvel: Starforce Mission Log

From how Carol Danvers' powers work while she's part of Starforce to the true appearance of the Supreme Intelligence and key details on the Skrulls and Yon-Rogg, there's a lot to digest here. 

We may even have details on a surprise cameo which Guardians of the Galaxy fans will definitely appreciate. Nothing here is going to completely spoil the movie for you, but we've obviously included a spoiler tag to make sure you don't inadvertently come across something you may not want to know this close to March 8th.

So, to check out these awesome new details, simply hit the "View List" button below. 

Carol Danvers' Six Years Of Memories

The book reveals that Carol (or "Vers" as she's now known) has no memory of her life beyond the past six years or so. However, she's been told that she lost all knowledge as a result of the Kastelian attacks which were orchestrated by the Skrulls. 

That's quite a story to spin and would explain why she's working with the Kree; the former Air Force pilot has been led to believe that she's one of them and her memory loss was the direct result of 
the shape-shifting aliens. How much truth there is to that obviously remains to be seen. 

The Source Of Vers' Powers

Apparently, Vers has a small Photon Battery implanted under her left ear, which was a gift from the Supreme Intelligence and the source of her powers. It transmits its strength into the battery, but Vers is the only one with such a device (which definitely seems suspicious). 

Believing that her powers are a result of this Photon Battery, Vers is well aware that she's like no other Kree out there and the hero makes a point of noting that she may have other powers which have yet to manifest - could they be the time-travel abilities Samuel L. Jackson has alluded to? 


Explaining A Possible Plot Hole

If you've been wondering why characters like Vers and Jude Law's Starforce leader are perceived as being Kree despite not being blue-skinned, it's because "Hala is home to millions of Kree – a race of blue, brown or beige-skinned people."

Starforce's missions are given to them directly by the Supreme Intelligence, who is clearly pulling the strings here. Why all of 
Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.'s Kree were blue is hard to say but it's possible that the aliens take other races and manipulate them for their own means, hence why Korath is also part of this team. 

Yes, Jude Law Is Playing Yon-Rogg

This has already been hinted at courtesy of t-shirts and action figures but the book confirms once and for all that Jude Law's character is indeed named Yon-Rogg.

He's famous on the Kree homeworld of Hala and is Vers' mentor and friend. What he says goes, but there are reportedly some hints here that there may be more to him than meets the eye. My guess is that he does have another name. 


Skrulls Can (Sort Of) Read Minds

The Skrulls are able to shapeshift into anyone just by looking at them but there's more to being "simmed" than just having your identity stolen. The book reveals that the aliens also retain the memories of those they imitate. 

It's said that after turning into someone else, the Skrulls copy "the genetic markers, DNA and recent memories of their target." That means it will be extremely hard to find out who's a Skrull as various tests wouldn't reveal their true selves, biologically speaking, and the fact they have those memories will surely make it easier to blend in as well. 

Vers' Teammates

A few key details are revealed about Vers' Starforce teammates, including the fact that Minn-Erva doesn't like or trust her. That seemingly boils down to the fact that she's been replaced by Vers as Yon-Rogg's personal favourite, and may also suggest that we could be getting a love triangle.

As for Att-Lass (played by Algenis Perez Soto), he's described as a stealth infiltration specialist who wields twin pistols, and Vers has a brother/sister relationship with him.


The Supreme Intelligence's True Appearance

Annette Bening is indeed playing the Supreme Intelligence in Captain Marvel but that's not the character's true form. Instead, an individual's subconscious chooses how it appears to them and in the case of Vers, it's her mother (she doesn't realise that, though). 

Whether or not her mom is a Kree remains to be seen, but this is definitely interesting and you have to imagine Marvel will at one point reveal the Supreme Intelligence's comic book appearance.


A Surprise Cameo

This may factor into the movie itself or could just be an extra mission that won't be seen on screen. Regardless, Danvers crosses paths with Rhomann Dey at one point in the book and that opens the door to John C. Reilly making some sort of cameo appearance, presumably with the same de-ageing technology which has been used throughout the rest of this movie with Fury and Coulson. 

The Team Can Change Their Suits At Will

Well, this could go some way in explaining how Carol Danvers goes from wearing green to her classic comic book costume. Apparently, the Starforce combat suits can change in a number of ways.

In the book, it says that "Touching our forearm consoles, we all changed from our traditional uniform colours to a camouflage pattern that Blended perfectly with the current surroundings." Seeing how this is used throughout the movie promises to be an awful lot of fun. 


Many thanks to Bleeding Cool for the intel included throughout this post.

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