CAPTAIN MARVEL Will Pass $900 Million WW This Weekend But US Is Set To Take The #1 Spot Domestically

CAPTAIN MARVEL Will Pass $900 Million WW This Weekend But US Is Set To Take The #1 Spot Domestically

Captain Marvel is still kicking butt at the worldwide box office, but Jordan Peele's Us is set to take the top spot domestically this weekend. Find out more about these latest figures after the jump...

On Thursday, Captain Marvel sailed past the $800 million mark for a worldwide cume of $825 million. Now, Deadline reports that the movie will hit $900 million this weekend during its third weekend on release. That means it has passed both Spider-Man and Wonder Woman to become the sixteenth biggest superhero movie of all-time. 

It's said that Captain Marvel will definitely reach the $1 billion mark within the next two weeks or so, and while the HERo won't blast past that milestone by a huge amount, that's still an incredible feat. 

This weekend, the Marvel Studios movie faces stiff competition from Jordan Peele's Us and Dumbo is also on the way; that looks set to dominate the box office as well, hence why Captain Marvel is starting to lose momentum somewhat. Domestically, Us will take the top spot with an impressive $68 million total over the three days. Captain Marvel, meanwhile, is expected to earn $33.9 million. 

The movie has definitely exceeded expectations, and viewers have clearly embraced Carol Danvers.

What, if anything, will you guys be watching in theaters this weekend? Share your thoughts below. 

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