Here's An Update On When And Where CAPTAIN MARVEL Will Start Shooting

Here's An Update On When And Where CAPTAIN MARVEL Will Start Shooting

Captain Marvel is shaping up to be one of 2019's most exciting superhero movies and now some new details have surfaced about when we can expect cameras to start rolling on the highly anticipated release.

Earlier this year, Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige suggested that Captain Marvel would begin production next February. That's despite reports that the start date was actually January but a new production listing appears to have set that February start date in stone. Interestingly, the production is going to move to Los Angeles as opposed to Atlanta so what's led to this change of location? 

Well, new tax incentives have made it easier for Marvel Studios to start shooting closer to home and the move is unlikely to change much about Captain Marvel or any future releases set in the MCU.

With this movie expected to boast a mostly outer space setting, chances are it will be shot mostly in studio regardless and that means we can probably forget about set photos. With any luck, though, Marvel won't keep us waiting too long for an official shot of Brie Larson in the suit. Rumour also has it that Rogue One: A Star Wars Story's Ben Mendelsohn is set to play a villainous Skrull leader

Are you excited to see more from the 90s set Marvel movie? As always, share your thoughts below.
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