Olivia Wilde Is Game For CAPTAIN MARVEL Role But Wants More "Flawed" Female Superheroes

Olivia Wilde Is Game For CAPTAIN MARVEL Role But Wants More "Flawed" Female Superheroes

In addition to a potential director, it seems we have another actress lobbying for the Carol Danvers role in Marvel's first female-led movie, Captain Marvel, with TRON: Legacy's Olivia Wilde revealing not only her interest, but also her opinions about the studio's direction.

It may be a long wait before we know which director and actress that Marvel Studios is seriously considering to tackle its first female-led movie Captain Marvel given how long before it releases. However, Olivia Wilde and her Meadowland director, Reed Morano, have both thrown their names in the hat for the respective gigs. It all began on Twitter last week when a fan asked Marano if she would be up for helming the 2019 Marvel adaptation with Wilde as the leading lady, to which she replied, "Um...hell yes!" Olivia then responded, "Oh hell yea. Let's DO this! I'm starting my @Marvel diet immediately. Eggshells and jet fuel only, right? Who says indie kids can't go pro?!"

During a joint interview with Cinema Blend a couple days ago, both Olivia Wilde and Reed Morano had elaborated on the abovementioned Twitter conversation and even expressed some strong thoughts on how Marvel's female superheroes are being developed on the big-screen. "I’m a big fan of superhero films, and I have so much respect for the Marvel Cinematic Universe," said Wilde. "The thing with female superheroes is that, in order to be powerful, they are flawless. The idea of kick-ass power lacks a certain nuance, at times. There is something to be said for a female director working to create a female superhero that perhaps [has] a little more complexity."

Despite acknowledging the complex efforts that Marvel Studios has put forth with its few female superheroes such as Scarlett Johansson's Black Widow or Zoe Saldana's Gamora, Olivia Wilde further explained changes that need to be made. "Marvel has been so smart about casting unexpected people for these roles," she admitted. "Look at what Robert Downey brought to Iron Man. A real, dry sense of humor and a complexity to his hero balance. I think that the way these Marvel heroes are written, the female superheroes included, do have complexity and flaws. But I think when they are translated into film, the women can become these ultimate goddesses of perfection and I would love to create a female Marvel character who is just as unexpected and complex as some of the male characters as Iron Man. I think that would be really cool!"

As for Reed Morano, the filmmaker reveals that she has yet to receive a call from Marvel Studios after her Twitter exchange, but reassures she'd definitely be open to directing Carol Danvers' Captain Marvel cinematic debut. "The most interesting characters are the ones who have issues and are flawed individuals," said Morano. " It would be nice to give a real history, to give a real, tangible background to this character." Anyhow, the movie is set for release on March 8, 2019.

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