RUMOR: Is John Ridley's New ABC Show 'Ms. Marvel'?

RUMOR: Is John Ridley's New ABC Show 'Ms. Marvel'?

<font color=red>RUMOR:</font> Is John Ridley's New ABC Show 'Ms. Marvel'?

Reportedly the popular Kamala Khan will actually be beating her idol Carol Danvers into the MCU! Find out the details of this very interesting take on the popular Muslim superhero after the jump!

Recently, Reddit user 'WorkUnrelatedAcciden' claims that the new Marvel show being developed by John Ridley's upcoming Marvel project is an adaptation of Kamala Khan's popular new book to the small screen. The user also claims that this project is separate from the previously reported spinoff of Marvel's 'Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D'.

Here's the scoop:

American Crime is getting cancelled. ABC has liked the reviews but the ratings aren't impressing them. But they have John Ridley on contract, so they want to continue to work with him. As a result, they partnered with Marvel to give him a new project.

It should be noted that the new project is NOT the SHIELD spinoff. Two separate projects, that one is being handled by two SHIELD writers.

Originally, ABC pitched to him Cloak and Dagger, since they've tried to develop it in the past, but Ridley took more interest in a certain Kamala Khan and decided to incorporate her into the MCU.

Now the obvious first question is 'how does Kamala work without Carol Danvers?' Well apparently the current plan is to slow-burn her origin into actually being Ms. Marvel over time a la Daredevil (or at least in terms of her taking that name, I don't know whether or not she'll have her costume from the start or wait it out). The series will focus more on her fascination with superheroes in general, while balancing issues of religion, racism and Islamaphobia along with her crime fighting.

The show will air in the Winter, and act as a bridge between seasons of the new SHIELD spinoff, much like Agent Carter acts as a break for Agents of SHIELD, so it is likely a miniseries.

Marvel will announce the new show alongside the new SHIELD spinoff, along with renewals for Agent Carter and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.


Well that's certainly an interesting take on the character! What do you think? Does putting Kamala Khan before Captain Marvel seem like too fast, or are you just happy to see such a kickass character be put to the screen? Do you think it's complete horse****? Leave a comment and a like below!

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