The CAPTAIN MARVEL Script Is Not Undergoing A Page One Rewrite Says Nicole Perlman

The CAPTAIN MARVEL Script Is Not Undergoing A Page One Rewrite Says Nicole Perlman

One half of the duo who wrote the first screenplay for the Captain Marvel has taken to Twitter to clarify that the new draft by Geneva Roberston-Dworet won't be a complete overhaul.

Two days ago, we learned Marvel Studios' Captain Marvel would be receiving a new script from Geneva Robertson-Dworet after Meg LeFauve and Nicole Perlman were hired to pen a draft back in April 2015. LeFauve needed to depart the project in order to focus on Disney's animated Gigantic pic. But where does that leave Perlman? Would she be continuing on and working with Robertson-Dworet? Check out her Tweets below which answer a few lingering questions.

In case these Tweet disappears, Perlman wrote, "Happy to confirm my pal Geneva Robertson-Dworet will be the next writer to help guide #CaptainMarvel's journey to the screen. She's stellar!

When asked by a fan if she would be working with Geneva, Perlman confirmed that she had finished her tour of duty on the project as well.  "No - Geneva is taking it from here and I'm sure she'll knock it out of the park. It's been a great 2.5 years though. ;-)"

She also clarified that the changes happening with Captain Marvel are not as extensive as what's occurring on The Batman as Matt Reeves takes over for Ben Affleck.  The Skrulls are still a focal point and many other elements from Perlman and LeFeauve's script will remain in place which should keep the film on track for its current release date.  "Yes, of course. All the ideas the SDCC Marvel panel shared this year were pre-Geneva's involvement. Others will stay too. Can't say more.  Which is all to say - it's going to be fine, and the project is in excellent hands."

Captain Marvel is currently slated for a March 8, 2019 release date.
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