Ror Revisits: Catwoman

Ror Revisits: <i>Catwoman</i>

I've decided to go back over the bad ones for my next few revisits. Let's start with the baddest of the bad, a movie widely regarded as of the worst of all time,2004's Catwoman starring Halle Berry..

I wanted to go back and take a look at a real stinker, and they don't come any stinkier than Catwoman. Truth be told I had never actually watched this movie right the way through, I always missed a few scenes here and there or just zoned out I guess. This time I watched with a friend who had never seen it and watching her reactions made the experience entertaining enough. So much so that I actually found myself not HATING the movie. I mean don't get me wrong it's awful, but because it doesn't really aspire to be anything other than that, I guess I was able to laugh along with it at times rather than constantly at it.

Maybe another reason that I can kinda forgive Catwoman is that it doesn't shit all over THE Catwoman. In this story it's not Selina Kyle but Patience Philips. And she doesn't just take on the persona of a Cat, she actually has Cat-like super powers, a result of her resurrection by an envoy of the Egyptian Cat-God Bast. Yes, you read that right. So we are then treated to an admittedly very sexy(if totally trashy looking) Halle Berry running around fighting crime with the aid of very bad CGI and a worse soundtrack( Mis-Teeq). I think the movie is an attempt at a "girl power" CBM. But the Director, a dude who calls himself "Pitof"(I'm sure we will be seeing much more from him) is just not talented enough to pull it off. All of the attempts at making this some kind of female empowerment story kind of go out the window when every second shot is a close up of Berry's ass. He is also inept at shooting action. There might have been some fun to be had watching Berry kick a few guys around the place but it's all twirling camera and fast cuts and just, BAD. There is also no attempt made to flesh out the characters or the story and the acting is pretty awful, although, Berry isn't quite as bad as you might have heard or expect. She at least seems to have recognized that this movie was a lost cause and has a bit of fun with it. The fact that she turned up to collect her worst actress Razzie award would seem to further suggest this. Sharon Stone hits a career low as the villain. Really fucking terrible. Benjamin Bratt attempts to play it straight as the good cop infatuated with Catwoman, and suffers for it. And they all spout rotten dialog for the majority of the movie.

Basically, a load of crap then. But like I said it's hard to muster up too much bile when watching at the same time. Maybe it's because the movie is now just accepted as one of the worst of all time in any genre that I could have a bit of fun with it. And fans of campy, silly rubbish(they are out there!) will probably enjoy the Hell out of it. For the rest of us, I don't recommend you go back and give it another watch, and for those who have never seen it I certainly don't suggest you do. But I dunno, maybe I'm getting to mellow in my old age. I kinda, sorta, a LITTLE tiny bit, enjoyed watching it again.


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