Awesome LEGO Gallery Highlights Some Of Our Favorite Superheroes!

Awesome LEGO Gallery Highlights Some Of Our Favorite Superheroes!

LEGOs are all the rage nowadays, so we had to share this photo gallery with the CBM community after discovering that it highlighted some of our favorite heroes including Superman, Batman, Spider-Man, The Flash and members of The Avengers!

After seeing Daniel Melges's gallery we had to share it with the community.  We've included some of our favorite images from it below.

What inspired me to start this gallery was my passion for photography and superheroes, and also my recent addiction to Legos. In all the photos I wanted to use as much practical effects as possible, with little or no post-production. In some cases I had to use post-production to reach the desired effect.

It was very important to me to stay true to the heroes' mythology and personality, while still portraying the innocent humor of Legos.

I hope that some of these photos may inspire other photographers and designers to have fun and create images using different techniques and ideas to tell stories. - Daniel Melges

Check out the rest of Daniel's gallery HERE to see photos of The Hulk, Thor, Iron Man and more.  Daniel plans on expanding the gallery soon with more heroes, so keep your eye on it!
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