ComicCritic87's Weekly Comic Reviews

ComicCritic87's Weekly Comic Reviews

The beginning of a new month we kick off the next huge event for Marvel

ComicCritic87 Weekly Comic Reviews

Month- April
Week #1- 4/4/12

Hey there friends, I skipped out on last week’s reviews since it was a slightly small week, so I’m back and ready for the big event we have all been waiting for. The Avengers, Earths Mightiest Heroes battling the X-men, the mutant species desperate to avoid extinction; once allies now torn apart by a simple child and her key to the coming power of the phoenix.

Comics this Week

Dark Horse Comics: None
DC Comics: Action Comics #8 and Swamp Thing #8
IDW Comics: None
Image Comics: None
Marvel Comics: Amazing Spider-man #683, Avengers Vs X-men #1, Fearless #12, Thunderbolts #172, and Venom #15


Amazing Spider-man #683: Written by Dan Slott/Artwork by Stefano Caselli
Story: The Avengers battle the Sinister Six, things end badly
Review: Really well done second part of the story. Doesn’t slow down for one second
Writing: Dan Slott continues to do an impressive job with the character. Grade: 75
Artwork: Caselli does an amazing job drawing the heroes and the fights are top notch. Grade: 80
Pros: Fast paced story, Spider-man and his new suit, Avengers fighting the Sinister Six
Cons: Thor holding diplomatic power (?)
Grade: 77.5

Avengers Vs X-men #1: Written by Brian Michael Bendis/Artwork by John Romita Jr
Story: The Phoenix is on the way as Cyclops throws the first punch to start the clash.
Review: Great start off to the event of the summer. Great use of both teams in the first issue
Writing: Bendis does a good job writing off the first part of the event. Grade: 84
Artwork: John Romita Jr does a great style with his artwork, get over it. Grade: 90
Pros: Huge Event, Great Beginning, Nice amount of exposition and action
Cons: Cyclops being more of a douche than ever.
Grades: 87

Swamp Thing #8: Written by Scott Snyder/Artwork by Yanick Paquette
Story: Alec becomes the Swamp Thing Warrior King and battles Sethe and the Rot.
Review: One of the best comics out there, a wonder to behold.
Writing: Scott Snyder does an AMAZING job with this character and story. Grade: 95
Artwork: The new looks of Swamp Thing is amazing. The world of the Rot is great too. Grade: 90
Pros: Top notch writing and artwork, amazing story, shocking ending
Cons: How does Swamp Thing fly with leaves?
Grade: 92.5

Action Comics #8: Written by Grant Morrison/Artwork by Rags Morales
Story: Superman battles Brainiac and saves Metropolis, now donning his new outfit.
Review: A fun issue with a pretty good ending setting the stage for something bigger
Writing: Grant Morrison does a good job writing Superman. Grade: 77
Artwork: Morales art is nicely done; his style is good with costume details. Grade: 75
Pros: Nice ending, Superman fighting Brainiac
Cons: Luthor helping out Clark
Grade: 76

Fear itself: The Fearless #12: Written by Bunn, Fraction, Yost/Artwork by Bagley
Story: Val returns from the dead and defeats the Sleeper. She also finds a new lease on life.
Review: A fitting conclusion to a pretty decent post event.
Writing: The team does a good job where they write keeping a good flow. Grade: 70
Artwork: Top notch with amazing amount of stuff going on. Grade: 75
Pros: Val’s swan song of a tale
Cons: The ending sets up for something else
Grade: 72.5

Thunderbolts #172: Written by Jeff Parker/Artwork by Delcan Shevley
Story: The present Thunderbolts do battle with the Thunderbolts from the 90s
Review: A very clever take on time travel adventures.
Writing: Parker does a great job with the characters and their personalities. Grade: 79
Artwork: Shevley does a great job with the art, each character nicely detailed. Grade: 80
Pros: 90s return in a good way
Cons: Boomerang alters the past with no repercussions
Grade: 79.5


Venom #15- Written by Rick Remender/Artwork by Lan Medina
Story: Venom joins the Secret Avengers
Review: A slight improvement from the Circle of Four event but still lacks too oomph
Writing: Remender does a good job working both the SA and Venom together. Grade: 65
Artwork: The cover is AWESOME but the inner artwork is meh. Grade: 64
Pros: Flash and Val love interest? Sweet Cover
Cons: Flash giving up on love, Eddie Brock shocking return
Grade: 64.5

Well that’s all for this week friends. Catch you later.
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