COMICS: Avengers Academy Behind Enemy Lines During AvX!

COMICS:  Avengers Academy Behind Enemy Lines During AvX!

One of the youngest super-teams in the Marvel Universe will be getting their own tie-in comics in the event, "Avengers vs. X-Men".

Christos Gage, one of the writer(s) of the most highly-anticipated upcoming comic series, has revealed at yesterday's big event "WonderCon", that the fight will not only focus between The Avengers and X-Men, but also Avengers Academy.

If you do not know what Avengers Academy is, it is a group of youngsters during the Heroic Age, that were selected to be part of the actual Avengers team but still need a bit more training in an Academy before they're ready to fight the big baddies. So like it was announced by Gage at WonderCon, they will appear in their own tie-in comic within the event. There will be multiple tie-in comics spanning from issues #31 and #32, and will be up for sale in June, a few more months after the event starts.

Gage is promising many interesting things to come when the tie-in comics hit the shelves at your local comic book store. Gage was being interviewed and said it would be very different from when the academy was suffering in the comic book event "Fear Itself". He stated:

"It’s a similar premise but in a different way. Last time around, with Fear Itself, we looked at kids being put on the front lines of a shooting war. This time, we’re examining what happens to kids when they face the consequences of their elders making decisions that affect them tremendously, but that they have no say in. And what happens when they start making decisions for themselves."

We will see what is in store for us in June for the fate that is waiting for the Avengers Academy and what path they will choose and how this will effect Avengers Academy.
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