Following his departure from Marvel Comics, artist Bryan Hitch has revealed that he will next collaborate with writer Jonathan Ross for an upcoming project from Image Comics.

After the announcement that Bryan Hitch would leave Marvel Comics after nearly a decade of service, many were left wondering what the artist's next move would be. Although there's still a day left until the countdown on his Twitter account reaches an end, earlier today both he and writer Jonathan Ross revealed their upcoming project America's Got Powers.

"Am beyond excited to announce that Bryan Hitch and I are publishing new comic with Image this spring," Ross told his followers. "'America’s Got Powers'. Full on superhero angst and action as America's most gifted superpowered teen wannabes slug it out on TV for a place in the worlds only official super-team." Hitch revealed the same thing, confirming that the official first story and artwork will be revealed tomorrow.

Bleeding Cool has seemingly managed to get a few more details about the story, which you can check out below.

The comic tells the story of Tommy, a San Franciscan teenager who works selling merchandise at the stadium that hosts America’s Got Powers, a TV reality show that recruits new members for America’s number one superhero team. Tommy was one of the many San Franciscan children born eighteen years ago, when every pregnant woman in the area gave birth simultaneously. No matter how far along they were, and all the children survived. And prospered. And all with super powers – all that is, except for Tommy. Who now finds himself working at a booth in the stadium watching all his powered peers, and in love with Ice, a superheroine who works on the show. And in the shadow of his powered twin brother. But somehow, this season, he finds himself finds himself successfully entering the show – powerless. And about to uncover the big conspiracy behind the interdimensional snowflake that caused the event, those who are the real power behind the super team and those behind Tommy’s own lack of powers.

Sounds like quite an interesting idea if you ask me, but what do you think of this? Sound off with your thoughts in the usual spot below. Look out for more details on the project tomorrow.

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