COMICS: BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER Won't Need An Abortion; She's A <font color= red>[SPOILER]</font>

I'm sure you remember Joss Whedon's controversial decision to have Buffy become pregnant and seek an abortion in the pages of the season #9 comic. Well, they seem to have come up with a way of sidestepping the issue entirely...

A while back we posted an Article detailing the decision to make the very popular character pregnant, and as a result consider - and seemingly decide on - an abortion. This happened in Dark Horse Comics' Season 9 issue #6 of Buffy The Vampire Slayer..

Series creator Joss Whedon went on to defend the controversial storyline by assuring fans: "It's not something we would ever take lightly, because you can't. You don't. It's not an easy thing for anyone". Well, for whatever reason it seems they have decided not to take it anywhere at all, lightly or otherwise. Because in issues #8 and #9 of the comic the following revelation about Buffy comes to light..


Yes, Buffy is actually a "Buffybot". Fans of the show will remember those. I'm pretty sure even in the messed up Buffyverse a robot can't be impregnated, much less have an abortion performed. So it seems as if this angle has been dropped completely. But why? No doubt comics tackling these type of hot-button issues is always polarizing, but Whedon sounded certain he wasn't going to back down from it. Anyway, guess we will find out what the heck is going on soon enough. Are you glad this whole abortion thing seems to have been abandoned? Or do you think these type of issues should be dealt with in comics?

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