COMICS: Check Out Simon Bisley's Cover To The Final Issue Of HELLBLAZER

COMICS: Check Out Simon Bisley's Cover To The Final Issue Of HELLBLAZER

Last week we showed you the cover of Constantine #1, which marks the character's first solo outing in the DCNU, now we have the phenomenal Simon Bisley's cover art for Hellblazer #300 - the finale issue of the longest ever running Vertigo series..

As part of the series' current creative team alongside Peter Milligan and Giuseppe Camuncoli, Simon Bisley is responsible for some of the greatest Hellblazer art we have seen, so it is only fitting that he will be bringing us the final cover. Below you can see that, along with Bisley's personal favorite cover from his run, and also hear what the artist has to say about the long-running series coming to an end and "JC" getting a new - albeit watered down - lease of life in the New 52..

The cover of Hellblazer #300

Bisley's favorite cover - Hellblazer #298

Bisley on the series' cancellation..

"I was a little bit hurt, though. I'm over it now. Well, not entirely. [Laughs] I don't know why they did cancel it. I suppose I'll know in time, what the reason behind it was."

And after being informed that DC are giving the character a solo run in the New 52..

"Are they really? Will he still smoke and drink? [Laughs] I bet not! I'm confused. I just don't know. It was probably an executive idea, I don't know how people think. Maybe they just wanted to make him a more commercial character, I suppose. Maybe what we were doing conflicts with what they want to do."

Then asked if he had any parting words for Constantine now that the Vertigo version of the character may be gone forever, Bisley replied, "See ya in Hell, buddy! Keep the beers on ice." For the full interview click the link back to CBR below.

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