COMICS: Check Out THE HOUSE IN THE WALL From James Tynion IV

COMICS: Check Out THE HOUSE IN THE WALL From James Tynion IV

Check out The House in the Wall, a creepy new horror comic from James Tynion IV (Batman Eternal) and Noah J. Yuenkel. Available through Thrillbent, what would you do if you suddenly discovered a door leading to a nightmarish haunted house that had been plaguing your dreams?

James Tynon IV's The House in the Wall
Chapter 1 was released June 20th and was a phenomenal read.  I encourage comic book readers that are looking to take a break from traditional capes and tights to check it out.  The limited sereis from Thrillbent will be released bi-weekly in digital format. While speaking to Bloody-Disgusting, series co-writer James Tynon IV stated,"This was really me and my friend Noah wanting to do a ghost story. He’s my co-writer on the project. One thing I love and I hate about horror is the tendency to lean into tropes. We see the same things over, over, and over again. Lately the highly successful horror films are the return of the possession genre, by a devil or a ghost. These ghost stories are filled with tropes. We’ve seen the things in these films in a dozen other movies. So I wanted to see if I could come at it from a different angle. Early on I had this image of a young woman in the middle of an urban center finding the door to an impossible house in the wall of her Brooklyn apartment. Finding a fantastical place in there that feels realer to her than real life. This is the story that will play into the fears of being that age, and trying to build a life for yourself despite not really feeling connected to anything in it."

Check out the first Chapter at Thrillbent.

SYNOPSIS: The horror tale tells the story of Ariel Carpenter who has been sleep-walking through life for as long as she can remember. Nothing, not her boyfriend, her job or her friends... none of it seems to bring her any closer to reality. The only thing that seems solid, seems real, is a spectral house she visits every night in her dreams. But when she discovers a door to that impossible dream house in the wall of her run-down Brooklyn apartment, she’ll unlock an ancient horror that has the potential to destroy her life forever.

Written by: James Tynon IV and Noah J. Yuenkel
Art by: Eryk Donovan
Colors: Fred C. Stresing
Letters: Troy Peteri
Publsher: Thrillbent

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