COMICS: DC Unveils BATGIRL'S New Costume Designed By Sean Gordon Murphy

COMICS: DC Unveils BATGIRL'S New Costume Designed By Sean Gordon Murphy

With Batgirl getting a new creative team in August, DC tasked Batman: White Knight creator Sean Murphy with designing a brand new look for the character that was familiar to longtime fans. Check it out...

On August 22nd, writer Mairghread Scott and artists Paul Pelletier and Elena Casagrande will begin their run on Batgirl.  The new creative team will give Barbara Gordon a crime fighting outfit that closely resembles her original suit.

Check it out below:

As you can see, Sean Gordon Murphy's design concept has dispensed with the purple moto jacket and cowl in favor of a more classic look. The bat ears through the hair is a nice touch.

“This is supposed to be a version of the costume that she was working on when she still lived with her dad,” Scott explained in reference to her new, more classic look. “That’s why it looks so much like her original Batgirl: Year One outfit — like, she’s with her dad. She can’t get out back to Burnside, and this is like the emergency. So the version that she was working on [back in the day] that she had stashed here just in case. It helps us with the story a little bit too, because it’s a little less bright — we wanted her to be more stealthy, and we want her to be able to integrate some more tech with the belt.” 

In Batgirl #26, Scott will pit Batgirl against a villain named Grotesque, a character who first appeared in the New 52. 

But it’s not going to be easy — on top Grotesque’s grisly reappearance, Babs suffers what Scott calls a “really traumatic injury” at the start of the arc. “The implant that allows her to walk is shorting out,” she explained, and that’s not all. “But when that happens, [Babs’] is just like, ‘Oh, okay, my legs aren’t working, I can deal with that. It’s fine.’ Because she was Oracle for a long time, you know? She knows how to operate without the chip.”

What do you think of the new look? Will you be reading the book in August? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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