COMICS: First Look At SUPERMAN's New Love Interest

COMICS: First Look At SUPERMAN's New Love Interest

Entertainment Weekly has just posted the first look at Justice League #12, and it features the Man of Steel smooching with someone other than his usual squeeze, Lois Lane. Who is it?


When DC Comics went through their reboot they ended Superman's marriage with Lois Lane, which opened up the possibilities of a new romance for the red and blue boy scout. As you can see on the cover of Justice League #12 Supes is earning his kissing badge with the one and only, Wonder Woman. Artist Jim Lee tells EW, "“Hopefully this will raise a lot of eyebrows. We welcome the watercooler chatter.”

If you've been following the comic this isn't much of a surprise, you've seen plenty of flirting between the two. But is this just a one-issue sale's stunt? Writer Geoff Johns says no, “This is the new status quo.” He insists that the Wonder Woman and Superman's new relationship will have an impact on the entire DC universe. Pick up a copy of Justice League #12, on sale Aug. 29.

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