COMICS: First Look At THUNDERBOLTS #2 Sees Red Hulk And Venom Come To Blows

COMICS: First Look At THUNDERBOLTS #2 Sees Red Hulk And Venom Come To Blows

It was inevitable that this team would be just a bit.. dysfunctional, and it seems old Rulk and Flash Thompson will be the first to mix it up. Read on for the cover and some brand new artwork from the second issue of Thunderbolts..

Over at Newsarama Daniel Way discusses the team dynamic in some detail, and reveals that the pink-haired character glimpsed in the first issue is in fact lesser know Hulk villain, Mercy. It seems this extremely powerful lady will also be joining the ranks of the Thunderbolts..

"She's one of those characters that really wasn't all that well defined on the page in her previous appearances, but she has a history with the Hulk and with Ross. On paper it seems like she could literally do anything. She's one of those beings who seems to be limited only by her own mission statement and even that in her case is very vague. She's kind of an angel of death character where if you want to die she's there to make sure it happens.
What's revealed in the character's continuity is that the people she goes after may act like they want to die, but they actually don't. She's a little more concerned with how they seem though, and she's particularly fascinated with the Hulk probably because of his whole inner struggle. Because she's kind of been off the board for awhile Steve and I can realistically change her a bit. We don't have to pick up exactly where she left off. So in the interim she's changed, but not substantially. We've decided that she's more reverted than changed. You'll find out that there's a reason why she's been off the board when she first comes into play."

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