COMICS :Mark Kidwell Talks "68" And "Walking Dead" Comic Crossover

COMICS :Mark Kidwell Talks "68" And "Walking Dead" Comic Crossover

Could Image comics 68 and The Walking Dead have a possible merge? Check out this exclusive interview with 68 writer, Mark Kidwell.

Mark Kidwell is the writer for the Image zombie comic "68" which takes place around the same time as Night of the Living Dead and is based in Vietnam as Barbara's boyfriend writes a letter from behind enemy lines.

The Jerk was on the scene for an exclusive interview in which Mark Kidwell discusses the future of "68," as well as gives his opinion on whether we could possibly see a "68" and "Walking Dead" crossover.

When asked about the possibility of a "Walking Dead" doing some sort of merge Kidwell was quick to point out:
I would seriously doubt it because Walking Dead is based modern times, current chronology, were as 68 takes place 68 and is basically the end of the world happening right before 1970.

We will be there bringing the Zombie stuff up through the 70's after that maybe the calendars just stop, so you're right Bieber, Spears no internet, think about that.

Wow a world without Bieber sounds great don't you think?

If you want more information about 68 check out
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