COMICS: Mark Millar Has Found His Artist For Upcoming Millarworld Comic Book

COMICS: Mark Millar Has Found His Artist For Upcoming Millarworld Comic Book

Earlier this week, Kick-Ass and Nemesis writer Mark Millar put out a request for any comic book artists to get in touch with him about a series he's planning to release later this year. Well, he's not only found that person, but also two more for two 2014 Millarworld releases!

With Kick-Ass 2, Nemesis, Supercrooks and The Secret Service all heading to the big screen, it should come as no surprise to learn that Mark Millar had no problem with enlisting an artists for a currently unannounced Millarworld book which will hit stands later this year. As if that alone isn't exciting enough, the critically acclaimed writer has also found two more for two of his other upcoming creator owned 2014 releases. Of course, we still have the release of Jupiter's Legacy, Kick-Ass 3 and Nemesis 2 to look forward to! Stay tuned for details and check out Millar's comments below.

It's Sunday morning and this guy just emailed me saying he's in. Huzzah!!

many thanks to all the artists who got in touch privately via the MW mods. Some people I genuinely love in there. This was a very specific project with a very specific art style in mind. Someone too photographic, for example, would be wrong because the style needs to be a little loser. So some guys I've dreamed of working with wouldn't have been right, though have been pegged for a future gig.

In fact, two of the guys who got in touch were artists I hadn't met and simply admired from afar and so have nailed them down for Millarworld 2014 projects. It's exciting and this I think has been a cool way of thinking outside the box from the artists I usually work with. It's exciting as the next three artists after Quitely will all be guys you won't be expecting, but you'll lose your minds when you see the solicits.

Jupiter's Legacy is April, Kick-Ass 3 is May and this book launches on the other side of Summer. I'm working on the first script at the moment, but have already written the ending to the series. Very, very VERY exciting. LOVE this guy's stuff and will be absolute pleasure to work with him.

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