COMICS: More On CRISIS 2015 From A "DC Comics Creator"; Pre-52 Continuity Still Exisits

COMICS: More On CRISIS 2015 From A "DC Comics Creator"; Pre-52 Continuity Still Exisits

It's clear that DC has something big planned for April 2015, and now an alleged DC Comics creator has confirmed some of the details on "the Band-Aid" project - we will see pre-52 and New 52 characters, and the pre-52 universe still exists. Somewhere. Check it out!

Several days ago, we uncovered some details on DC's mysterious April 2015 project - dubbed "The DC Band-Aid" by Bleeding Cool - and now an alleged "DC Comics creator" has provided more on the event. We knew that it will hit during the company's relocation to Burbank and will be produced in advance, and the creator confirms that pre-52 and New 52 characters will feature, but it seems that the conclusion of Geoff Johns' Forever Evil doesn't have anything to do with it despite previous speculation. Here's the full statement, courtesy of BC:

There still seems to be confusion among editorial, and thus, creators, as to what the title and plot actually are, and it has changed several times.

The current plot might be comparable to Marvel’s Contest of Champions/Secret Wars from back in the day.

As of now, it is intended to be in-continuity and not an Elseworlds-type story.

It will feature some pre-52 characters along with New52 characters. So, apparently, the old pre-52 universe still exists somewhere, although how this is possible without invalidating Flashpoint is not clear.

As of right now, it has nothing to do with Anti-Monitor – many in editorial were surprised when Geoff Johns brought that character back. Some didn’t know about it until that issue was printed. This is not the first time they have been surprised by a plot point in his books…

Some interesting stuff there. Reports on this rumoured 'new Crisis' will certainly continue, so keep it here for the latest on whatever DC is doing next April.

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