COMICS: <font color= red>SPOILERS</font> For AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #699

Can you think of the worst case scenario to come from Peter Parker being trapped in Dr. Octopus' body? Yes, that's it - no you were right the first time. Click on for possibly the grossest (funniest?) thing in the history of comics..

If you were in two minds about whether or not to pick up today's issue of Amazing Spider-Man, this will surely tip you one way or the other. Fist of all, it turns out Peter Parker - the real Parker, the one trapped in Otto Octavius' body - doesn't die after all. He is revived by a S.H.I.E.L.D medical team, and what follows is a flashback to what happened before the planned marriage of Aunt May and Otto Octavius.

Ah, just look..

Just in case you didn't get that, I'll spell it out for ya - Peter Parker, for all intents and purposes, shags his own Aunt May. I've been scarred for life! Be sure to pick up Amazing Spider-Man #699 today to see if the Earth moved.

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