COMICS: THE PRETENDER Returns In Novels & Comics

COMICS: THE PRETENDER Returns In Novels & Comics

Genius Jarod and the nefarious Centre are set to return via a series of in-continuity novels and graphic novels that will expand on the world of The Pretender from the TV series of the same name. Read on for more details.

The Pretender TV series ran from 1996 to 2000. It chronicled the story of Jarod, a genius who was abducted by the evil Centre who exploited his genius for their research. Jarod used his brilliant mind and chameleon-like abilities to become anyone he wanted in order to help others. Several made for TV movies extended Jarod's story and his quest to find out what happened to his mother. Now, Jarod is making a return via a series of novels and comics starting with The Pretender: Rebirth from the show's creators, Steven Mitchell and Craig Van Sickle. It hits shelves October 7, 2013.

In addition, in continuity with the TV series, Jenna Busch will write a series of comics titled The Pretender: The Centre Chronicles. The story will start with a 6 issue arc and will feature an all new story that takes place before the show and will focus on The Centre and expand its mythos.

Courtesy of Newsarama, we have this interview with Jenna Busch on the comic and how it ties to the novel and TV series:

Jenna, it has become quite the trend to revive TV shows (both live-action and animated) as comic book series. Many of them have been the "next season" of the show – is that how this one will be set up?

Actually, the series I'm doing will be focused on the origins of The Centre. How it came to be, what connections it has to world events and how it changed a young Miss Parker into the woman she is now. This is a story that hasn't been told yet and I'm so excited to be the one to bring it to everyone!

Newsarama: The concept of someone becoming whoever he or she wants seems tailor-made for a serialized format like comics – will each issue tell its own story with a new "identity," will there be an overarc story, or a combination of the two?

Actually, the one I'm doing is going to be a prequel of sorts, though the idea of someone being able to change their identity is actually going to be a big part of it. I can't say exactly how at the moment, but there is a clue in the cover art. I know. I'm a tease.

Let's talk villains: You mentioned The Centre earlier… is Jarod involved in some way here, too?

Busch: The new book that Craig and Steve wrote, "Rebirth" definitely has the Centre harassing Jarod. They're not going to let him get off easily and he's not going to let them catch him!

In the prequel that I'm writing, we're going to see how it all started. We'll meet a young Miss Parker (Steve and Craig started calling me The Blond Miss Parker, so this one is close to my heart), Grandpa Parker and a certain woman who is the key to where it all began.

How much have you worked with Steven and Craig on making sure the tone of the comic matches that of the TV series? How involved are they in the process?

We've been talking story quite a bit! They've been wonderful, letting me take my crazy idea and run with it, but this story is going to be cannon, so the world they created is where this all comes from. I'm doing yet another re-watch of the series and loving it even more than the first time. If I have an idea, I go back to them and we hash it out. Honestly, that's the fun part about writing something based on an existing property like The Pretender. I can watch an episode, see a detail and find a reason that it's in there that relates to my story. Even something as seemingly insignificant as a piece of furniture could end up as a huge part of it. That might be a clue. Just saying.

Click the link below for the rest of Newsarama's interview.

Furthermore, the show's creators hope to continue the franchise even further with Jason Bourne inspired movies and even another TV series.

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