COMICS: The Walking Dead #100 Teases New Character "Lucille".

COMICS: The Walking Dead #100 Teases New Character "Lucille".

Similar to a lot of teasers Marvel Comics create, we now have one for The Walking Dead with the words "Lucille Is Coming". Check it out after the jump and start speculating!

Who exactly is Lucille? Why is she a big deal?

The Walking Dead #100 is expected to be one of the top-selling comics of the year and we know absolutely nothing about the plot but you can enjoy The Walking Dead #99 which releases tomorrow so maybe a few hints will come out of it letting us know who Lucille may be. Remember in the month of May Robert Kirkman had this to say about The Walking Dead #100?

"They've [The Saviors from Hilltop] kind of gotten on Rick's radar, we [saw] their first interaction in #97. We've basically got another very violent, dangerous group out there that Rick is going to be clashing with head-on and I can say that issue #100 is going to easily be the most gruesome, most violent, disturbing issue of "The Walking Dead" yet. So, be on the lookout. Yet, when I say that, I do remember all of the gruesome, disturbing and violent things that have happened in "The Walking Dead" thus far, so I promise I mean it."

The Walking Dead #100 is written by Robert Kirkman with art by Charlie Adlard.

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