COMICS: Who Is Cyrus Ward and Why Is He Someone You Should Know?

COMICS: Who Is Cyrus Ward and Why Is He Someone You Should Know?

Cyrus Ward: Who is he and why is he someone comic book, movie and graphic novel lovers should know? The reason why will be revealed soon with the forthcoming graphic novel summer release of Cyrus Ward:Edge of Darkness.

Who is Cyrus Ward? According to creator Maurice W, "Cyrus Ward is the kind of character that you love to hate, yet will root for because you know at the end of the day, he believes he is doing the right thing."

In Cyrus Ward: Edge of Darkness, a new graphic novel from Maurice W with incredible art by Yuriy Fialko, We follow the exploits of an ex-detective who is called back to the force in order to catch a serial killer that is copying one of his most notorious cases.

The story is dark gritty and has a touch of Scifi and Noir to it.

According to the creators, there are already movies studies interested in adapting the project into a full feature film.

Maurice W and Yuriy Fialko have supplied a sneak peak of the book and promise more to come over the following weeks and months.

Like most independent projects these days, Cyrus ward is being assisted by kickstarter and crowd funding site that has been used by such greats as, Gail Simone, Marc Silvestri, and Mark Andrew Smith to name a few.

if you want to learn more about the project click on the link below.

Cyrus Ward:Edge of Darkness is created by Maurice W and Yuriy Fialko and will be released summer 2013
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