DC Under Fire For Hiring Anti-Gay Writer Orson Scott Card To Pen SUPERMAN

DC Under Fire For Hiring Anti-Gay Writer Orson Scott Card To Pen SUPERMAN

DC Comics have come in for quite a bit of backlash after their decision to appoint noted anti-gay writer Orson Scott Card (Ender's Game) to work on their latest Superman digital comics. Read on for some of the reactions..

In a move many feel is nothing more than an effort use pre-publicity for the Ender's Game movie to drive sales for the comic, DC has commissioned the author of the source novel, Orson Scott Card, to write the new digital comic coming in April, Adventures of Superman. Card, a long-time critic of homosexuality, has called gay marriage "the end of democracy in America", and in 2009 he became a board member of the National Organization for Marriage, a group that campaigns against same-sex marriage. The news has sparked outrage in many circles, and here are just a few reactions.

Jono Jarret of Geeks Out:

"Superman stands for truth, justice and the American way. Orson Scott Card does not stand for any idea of truth, justice or the American way that I can subscribe to. It's a deeply disappointing and frankly weird choice."

Actor and big Supes fan Michael Hartney has written to DC directly on the matter:

"If this was a Holocaust denier or a white supremacist, there would be no question. Hiring that writer would be an embarrassment to your company. Well, Card is an embarrassment to your company, DC. And of all the characters Card could have been hired to write, you give him Superman? The character that taught me to lead by example? To do the right thing, even when it was hard? To keep going, even when it seemed hopeless? What an insult. Kids are killing themselves. They are killing themselves in a climate of intolerance and homophobia publicly fostered by people like Orson Scott Card. You don't have to contribute to this. You shouldn't. You mustn't."

However, gay comic writer Dale Lazarov has taken a slightly different view:

"I've known Orson Scott Card is a raging homophobe since the early 90s. I refuse to buy or read his work. But asking that he be denied work because he is a raging homophobe is taking it too far. Asking for workplace discrimination for any reason is counterproductive for those who want to end discrimination on their own behalf."

DC have so far declined to comment. What do you gusy think? Sound off in the usual place.

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