4 Reasons Why a Reinvigorated DC Universe Can Only Be a Good Thing.

4 Reasons Why a Reinvigorated DC Universe Can Only Be a Good Thing.

The Future of DC Comics Looks Bright!

It has been known for a little while now that DC comics is in a transitioning stage to change. This change involves new costumes, new stories, a slightly tweaked continuity and new characters.

The DC fanbase is split with one side protesting against any form of change and another side fully embracing it. Ladies and Gentlemen, I am on the side of the latter.

I see all of this change as only having positive results at the moment. And I wished for some of this change for a little while now. The changes that I wished for was little reboot of the continiuity and costume change for some of the main characters. At this point I know you probably want to cut my head off for that last statement because they have come to fruition.

Basically, the point of this article is voice this statement: It can only be a good thing! I have outlined 4 reasons to justify this statement.

TV chances:

The changes in character costumes and continuity might mean there would be a bigger surge of interest by the tv media as various news outlets are already paying attention.

The changes I can see so far looks good, there seems to be an element of realism on the costume front. For example, Wonder Woman can't run around in just undies, she's a feminist! Get real! It now looks more practical especially without the jacket.

A TV show featuring the likes of Firestorm and even Hawkman now look very likely due to the costume changes, promised stories and the sudden interest brought about through the moral panic generated by people who are furious about everything so far.

Movie chances:

I have one word: Superman. The costume looks badass! Now, pretty much every hero isn't wearing an underwear on the outside. This whole thing about superheroes having the pants on the outside started with Superman and it has ended with him. Such a change would make a certain Superman movie have a level of believability that has not been seen before. Aquaman could have his own movie a few years time once Geoff Johns has given him the 'Green Lantern Rebirth treatment'.

New readers:

As you all know, there is a new numbering and a slightly tweaked continunity to give the illusion of a fresh start. This means increased readership! New people! New kids, New teenagers and New adults can jump into these new stories without the fear of being confused by an already easily confusing continuity. Just imagine given any guy the first issue of final crisis, he wouldn't even bother finishing the first 2 pages because the story relies on previous knowledge from previous books.

Now I want you to imagine that friend that calls you gay or childish for reading comics, buying Justice League #1. This can actually happen now!

DC Digital:

It would help bring about the rise of digital comics. I'm hearing that these new stories will be released online the same day as print release. That is very convenient for people all around the globe because let's face it, print is dying. Print readership has faced a sharp decline in the past years. Marvel has always done better in print year-in year-out since 2002, I want to see this change!

The DC Comics Creative team consists of Dan Didio, Geoff Johns, Jim Lee and others. The future of DC comics couldn't have been placed in better hands.

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