5 Most Likely To Take Down a Deranged Superman (DC only)

5 Most Likely To Take Down a Deranged Superman (DC only)

So here's the loose scenario;
Superman is going berserk on the world and whatever the cause is, it's permanent. The only way to stop him from destroying our fine little planet is to take him down. Who would be the 5 most likely to do it?

Before we begin let me clarify; we are talking individuals specifically, not any teams/leagues/groups/clubs/tribes or what-have-yous. A straight up mano-a-mano with the Big S to stop him from destroying Earth. Which also means that some of the biggest and baddest villains are out of our equation, since saving Earth is the least of their concerns (sorry Doomsday fans), and even some "heroes", who tend to stay out of Earthly affairs.

Now my comic-devoted comrades, we can begin. I will go from 5-1, the #1 spot goes to the character I believe most likely to succeed in the Superman-gone-psycho scenario.

#5 -- Captain Atom

Living-nuclear-energy, pretty bad-ass I must admit. Atom has super-strength, speed and flight, and would most definitely try to go toe-to-toe with Superman if need be. He's extremely powerful, enough to physically manipulate large objects and even control red-sun radiation, my second favorite Superman weakness. While Atom lost the fight with Supes, he still put up a good one. His abilities also seem to be getting stronger, and maybe if he were better trained he could be the one to pull it off. His powers seem mostly limited to his suit, which has the nasty tendency to rupture at even worst times than Janet Jackson's wardrobe malfunctions. Maybe if he came out with enough red sun backing him, Superman wouldn't beat him into a nuclear-purée.

#4 -- Captain Marvel

I don't underestimate this kid, he can pack a punch. Captain Marvel is also a magic-based character, and magic being a well-known weakness of Superman would give Cap a nice edge in this battle. They have battled many times before, and Marvel has walked away with the cake on many occasions. "WTF, ONLY #4?!" Some of you may be shouting furiously at your computer screen. I admit, it may be a low rating for the kid who cried "Shazam!", but if the Man of Steel can take him out when he is a good guy, imagine Supes frothing at the mouth like he just snorted a barrel of bath salts. A Superman savagely attacking no-holds-barred with the intent to butcher? I don't see twinkly-toes walking away from it. Maybe though, and that is why he made the list.

#3 -- Green Lantern

I would sacrifice the next twenty years of my life for a stack of nachos and front row seats to watch this fight. The Green Lantern yields arguably the most powerful weapon IN THE UNIVERSE. If he can wield radiation from the red-sun combined with kryptonite; Hal (or whichever you believe to be the most bad-ass Lantern, different debate) may be hanging the red cape on his trophy shelf. The Green Latern's biggest downside is that the ring is controlled through his own will. Its a weakness in most ways, especially if a deranged Superman is trying to munch on his innards. I could see that being slightly unnerving. Either way, it would be a good fight.

#2 -- Lex Luthor

Whoopie! At least one bad-guy made it on here! Lex Luthor has been preparing to take down Superman since day one. While many would fail simply through lack of preparation, this mean-bald-machine far from lacks in that regard. We know he has or at least knows where to get kryptonite, and we also know he would do everything he could to take down Superman and save the world (even if it would just be to rule it.) He's one of the few who has killed Supes in some storylines and might be the one to do it in our scenario. We know Luthor is evil enough; while many of our previously mentioned heroes would wince at the idea of killing their leader. Then again, Luthor's a little nuts himself, and is just human after all.

#1 -- Batman

Batman fanboys and girls rejoice, the man in black gets the number 1. I didn't choose it easily, mind you. Plenty of charting and calculations along with thousands of polls sent out lead me to these results. Ok fine, I may be a little biased, but here is a little evidence to give me some backing:
Many of you know Batman carries with him kryptonite just in case of emergencies like this. He has planned, he has prepared, and he can probably do it. He is a crazy genius, a good guy (which totally gives him an advantage in comic-world), but also hardcore enough to stake the Man of Steel through the heart with his biggest weakness. I'm not the only one who thinks so, Superman would even agree with me. He is, after all, the one who gave Batman the kryptonite in case something like this happened. In several comics the Dark Knight has taken down Superman, so I'm going to go ahead and say he would be the one to do it again.

That's it boys and girls. Some of you may be applauding, some fuming, and some stopped reading after I mentioned Captain Atom. Don't worry, the comment section will allow you to tear me to pieces. I made my case, and now I'm going to go to IHOPs to refuel.

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