COMICS: 4 Reasons Why Batman Could Beat Superman

COMICS: 4 Reasons Why Batman Could Beat Superman

Personally, I do prefer Batman as a character. Not to say that I dislike Superman, this is just my illustration of how Batman could beat Superman.

1. Kryptonite

As most of you know, it is a fact that Batman always carries a shard of Kryptonite in his utility belt. For those of you who don’t know (hey, 1 percent), Kryptonite is pieces of Superman’s destroyed home planet, Krypton. When exposed to the radiation from Kryptonite, Superman is weakened to a near fatal state. Obviously, this would be a huge advantage for Batman.

2. Physical Superiority

I know it sounds crazy, but bear with me. This is only true if Batman does use Kryptonite as a tactic. Logically, Kryptonite weakens Superman to the physical state he was in when he was on Krypton; a baby. To my knowledge, Superman did not learn martial arts when he was on Krypton. Batman on the other hand, has spent a majority of his life training in martial arts and other fighting styles. He is in peak physical condition. In the Nolan movies, he’s a freakin’ ninja!

3. Mental Superiority

It is a fact that Batman is a genius. He has superior knowledge of psychology, chemistry, forensics, detective work and a lot more. Even while not under the effects of Kryptonite radiation, Superman isn’t known for his relatively average I.Q. level, he’s the Man of Steel. Chalk another one up for the Dark Knight Detective.

4. Stealth Tactics

Since he does not have bulletproof skin, he takes a more subtle, stealthy approach. Superman’s tactics basically all involve flying in the air, punching bad guys with his super strength, and wearing red and blue tights.

Like I said, while I do prefer Batman as a superhero and a character, I in no way hate Superman and I really don’t mean to belittle him.

Well that’s about it, thanks so much for reading!
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