COMICS: A Leak About BATMAN: INCORPORATED #8 Cover Reveals A Major Spoiler And A Possible Death?

COMICS: A Leak About BATMAN: INCORPORATED #8 Cover Reveals A Major Spoiler And A Possible Death?

Batman Incorporated #8 is apparently the latest book to leak early. The cover showcases a new take on a classic Batman cover. Click to find out the spoiler and the cover.

In today's world, it's hard for something not to leak. Spoilers about movies get leaked before the movie comes out, music gets leaked before the album comes out, this even happens in comics as The Amazing Spider-Man #700 and Batman #17 were leaked before they were released. Now we have another leak that may reveal a major spoiler that could change the Batman universe with the cover of Batman Incorporated #8. If you don't want to be spoil, leave now.

This is your last chance if you don't want to be spoiled leave now

Yes. Based off the cover of Batman Incorporated #8, it looks like a major death may be possible. On the cover you see Robin AKA Damian Wayne as the bottom reads RIP. It is a take on a classic cover to a story line Grant Morrison's, who is currently writing Batman Incorporated , Batman #676 that was drawn by Alex Ross.

As we can see, this cover strongly suggests that Damian Wayne -- or at least Robin --will die in this issue. Speculation with Damian's death has grown recently, due both to recent developments within Batman Incorporated and to rumors that issue #8 will have a major plot development. In In the lasted isssue of Batman Incorporated #6, Batman was given an ultimatum by Talia al Ghul: Damian must be sacrificed or Gotham City will be destroyed. The future Gotham setting introduced Batman #666 was revealed to be the outcome of Batman choosing Damian over his city. Perhaps Batman Incorporated #8 will see him make the opposite choice. Issue #7's revelation that Talia's bodyguard The Heretic is actually an adult clone of Damian has added another wrinkle to the mystery.

Now it is not 100% confirmed Damian will die but there is a strong possibility. I for one was just starting to like Damian. What are your thoughts? Comment below. Peace.
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