COMICS: A "Perverse" Version Of The Mad Hatter Will Debut In THE DARK KNIGHT #16

COMICS: A "Perverse" Version Of The Mad Hatter Will Debut In THE DARK KNIGHT #16

The classic Batman villain will look pretty much the same as he always has when he makes his New 52 debut, but his character will be undergoing a "horrific" overhaul thanks to Ethan Van Sciver. Check out some images after the jump..

Van Scriver chats to Newsarama about his new "Charles Manson" like take on The Mad Hatter..

"I thought about Timothy Leary, the LSD guru from the 1960s, and Charles Manson, and all these kind of strange '60s radical cult leaders. And I put a lot of that into the kind of classic Alice in Wonderland Mad Hatter that existed in the old storybook artwork. So we landed on that classic appearance of Mad Hatter, but with something Charles Manson about him. And we came up with a new take on him, where he's cute but also bizarre and scary and dangerous. So he's scary and disturbing, but there's something likable about him, hopefully. As I draw him, I chuckle. So I hope he's amusing. But it was important that we make him, even though he's a small guy — he's only about four and a half feet tall — it was important at the same time that we make him physically menacing. He's a frightening guy when he gets eye to eye with you. And sometimes he needs a little help to get to that eye level."

For the full interview click on the link below.

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