COMICS: Career Changes Coming For Clark Kent

COMICS: Career Changes Coming For Clark Kent

DC's New 52 has brought forth a lot of changes to some of their major characters. Marriages have been wiped out, costumes changed, and some character don't even exist. Well now comes one more change, Clark Kent is leaving The Daily Planet.

There have been some major changes to the Superman mythos thanks to DC's New 52. Lois and Clark are not only not married, they aren't even dating. Superman's suit even got a major overhaul seeing the end of the red underwear on the out side of his pants. Now another major shakeup is coming thanks to new series writer Scott Lobdell. Clark Kent is leaving The Daily Planet. According to USA Today, the change comes from mounting stress as Clark is dealing with Lois' new boyfriend, pressure from Perry White, and even more pressure from his boss Morgan Edge. All these event lead to what is being described as a Jerry McGuire moment where Clark has had enough and quits in front of the entire staff. "This is really what happens when a 27-year-old guy is behind a desk and he has to take instruction from a larger conglomerate with concerns that aren't really his own," explained Lobdell. He continued by saying that Superman is arguably the most powerful person on the planet and wondered how much could someone of his power sit behind a desk and be treated like the least important person in the world.

Along with Clark, entertainment writer Cat Grant will also quit the Planet. According to Lobdell Clark will be looking to get his message out to the people via the internet now with Cat bringing her skills to the table to help him. Although Clark will be quitting The Daily Planet, Lobdell says look for him to start a new type of publication. Something along the lines of The Huffington Post or the Drudge report.

To see what all Lobdell had to say about Clark's new career path head on over to USA Today. For the latest on major comic news make sure to check back here at CBM.

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