COMICS: Charles Soule To Take Over Writing Duties On SWAMP-THING From Scott Snyder

COMICS: Charles Soule To Take Over Writing Duties On SWAMP-THING From Scott Snyder

Once "Rotworld" concludes in issue #19, Swamp-Thing will be getting a new writer in the form of 27 and Strange Attractors scribe, Charles Soule. Hit the jump for details on what we should expect from his run on the series and Andy Brase's stunning cover for the issue.

Scott Snyder was responsible for bringing Swamp-Thing back to the DC Universe during "The New 52" reboot, but he is now departing the title in order to focus on Batman and Man of Steel. Who will take over? Well, critically acclaimed writer of creator-owned projects like 27 and Strange Attractors Charles Soule has been tasked with penning the series as of issue #19. Below he talks about what we should expect from his run, but be sure to head on over to io9 read the interview in full.

On What About The Character Appeals To Him:

Something very cool about Swamp Thing that I think makes the book distinct from some other superhero titles is that it has a very thoroughly developed mythology that spans back to prehistoric times. Avatars of the Green have existed as long as there has been plant life on Earth. Plus, Swampy's powers are essentially infinite but also tightly defined - he can't do anything that plants can't do, and while plants can do plenty, there are also some strong limitations. I also like that Swamp Thing's goal as an avatar of the Green isn't necessarily to defeat or destroy - his job is to seek balance, which is cool. As a writer, all of that gives me a HUGE narrative toolbox to work with, which is inspiring. You can tell stories about some of the deepest philosophical questions mankind has ever considered, while still featuring a giant green leafy dude punching bad guys. It's a blast!

On The Role We Should Expect To See Swamp-Thing Play In The DCU:

Part of the fun in working in a big shared universe like the DCU is, well, sharing the universe. So, I can say for certain that Swamp Thing is going to have some fun encounters with other heroes and villains, although it will always be his book and his story. After all, it's his name on the cover. Issues 19 and 20 are designed to bring Alec a little deeper into the DCU and show where he stands, more or less, but I've got a whole list of things I want to do with him that don't involve the larger universe as directly. In particular, one of the goals I've set for myself on the book is to expand Swamp Thing's supporting cast a bit. After all, just because he lives way out in the swamp doesn't mean he can't have any pals besides Abby. For instance, I have a thousand-year old assassin character I plan to introduce pretty early.

On Where His Run Picks Up After "Rotworld":

My first issue, #19, picks up just a little while after the end of Rotworld, with Alec still reeling from the events of #18. As Rotworld takes place largely in an alternate future, and the pace of 1-18 was pretty much (awesomely) go go go, it means our hero hasn't had much chance to actually be in the "real world" as Swamp Thing, or to reflect on everything that's happened to him and what it means to have assumed the mantle of the Avatar of the Green. Lots to process. So, we'll deal with that, as well as a larger mystery about strange things that have been happening in the Green - mysterious forms of plant life appearing all over the world that simply should not be. The "oddness in the Green" question is a throughline I plan to run with for a little while in the background of the main issue by issue stories. In addition to the goal of adding new supporting cast members that I mentioned above, I also want to (at least for the moment), focus on really tight stories of 1-3 issues, with each having its own distinct feel and central idea. I want readers to be able to cite each story down the road by that big idea or image - "you remember the one where Swamp Thing did THIS???" Stuff like that. Should be really fun.

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