COMICS: DC Planning Supervillain Switcheroo Event?

COMICS: DC Planning Supervillain Switcheroo Event?

The latest rumor on DC Comics' behind-the-scenes machinations says that the comic book publisher is planning a major event which will see heroes like Superman, Batman and others swapping villains. Read on and pick your battles in the comments section.

The rumor is that we'll have DC heroes encountering villains most readers would identify with another superhero; think Superman taking on Joker and Batman taking on Lex Luthor for example. The event will supposedly occur sometime in 2013 but the next and first title-wide event of the New 52 era is the Trinity War. Throne of Atlantis is currently unfolding across Justice League and Aquaman and concludes in February, the same month Justice League of America (an important title in Trinity War) debuts. Based on these known quantities, I'd have to guess that this villain-switch event will occur in the summer.

While this is a concept that we've seen before from DC and Marvel it's still an interesting idea this hasn't been explored to such a wide-scale degree by DC in modern comic book times. Heroes like Green Arrow, Wonder Woman, and Hawkman will do nothing but benefit from exposure to a rogue or two from Batman, Superman or the Flash.

Stay tuned to CBM for more details as the story develops.

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