COMICS: DC Reveal Controversial New Dynamic Between Batman And His Robins!

COMICS: DC Reveal Controversial New Dynamic Between Batman And His Robins!

Haha, no, it's not as controversial as the teaser image might suggest! However, with the DCnU only 5 years old, how has Batman had so many sidekicks? The answer from DC is sure to leave many fans bewildered and annoyed...

Adding and revising the "New 52 FAQ" for comic book retailers, DC have added only a few brief snippets of information, with the most shocking being related to the Batman and Robin dynamic. You see, the DCnU age of superheroes is only about 5 years old (Justice League #1 will actually flashback to that time exploring the first meetings of the iconic heroes) so just how could Dick Grayson, Jason Todd, Tim Drake and Damian Wayne have all been Robin during that short period?

If super-heroes have only existed for five years, how has Batman gone through so many Robins?

Robin is an intern program -and a very intensive one at that.

Wait, what?! An intern program? Well, this sounds like it'll be "Batman Inc" related. If that's the case, is Tim still Bruce's adopted son? Does he still have a father/son relationship with Dick? And did Jason still die at the hands of the Joker?! In the Marvel Universe, it's widely believed that roughly 10 years have passed since the Fantastic Four became the first superheroes, but DC have always played a little more loosely with this, as have Marvel to an extent. With DC setting a strict 5 year timeline, what other complication may arise?

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