COMICS: DC/2000 AD Announce 'Batman/Judge Dredd' Collection

COMICS: DC/2000 AD Announce 'Batman/Judge Dredd' Collection

DC Comics and 2000 AD announced that the Batman/Judge Dredd story line that was in the 90s will now be together in a graphic novel. Hit the jump to check it out.

Both Batman and Judge Dredd have had somewhat of a good year. Batman had a new film with The Dark Knight Rises that concluded Christopher Nolan's trilogy and was praise but fans and critics making over a billion dollars. Dredd had a film in Dredd 3D and even though it didn't make as much as Batman it was praised by fans and critics and made us forget about the Stallone film.

DC will reunite with the British anthology comic to reprint the four team-ups between the Dark Knight and Lawman of the Future in a single hardcover graphic novel. The book features the work of top creators from DC and 2000 AD including writers John Wagner (Dredd's co-creator) and Alan Grant, alongside artists Simon Bisley, Glenn Fabry, Val Semeiks and Cam Kennedy.

The Batman/Judge Dredd Collection will be released on November 27.

"Originally released between 1991 and 1998, these epic crossovers - 'Judgment on Gotham', 'Vendetta in Gotham', 'The Ultimate Riddle' and 'Die Laughing' - brought the dynamic duo together to fight their ultimate foes."

"From alien super-fiend Judge Death escaping to Gotham to the Joker teaming up with the Dark Judges to cause mass slaughter in Mega-City One, The Batman/Judge Dredd Collection brilliantly captures the lunacy and non-stop action of these two all-too-similar worlds from either side of the Atlantic."
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