COMICS: DC's BLACK CANARY Band Releases Real-Life EP

COMICS: DC's BLACK CANARY Band Releases Real-Life EP

In a bit of brilliant marketing to go alongside the reinvention of DC Comics' Black Canary as a punk-pop singer, the fictional Black Canary band has released a real-life three-track EP. Take a listen.

If you were a follower of the DC You Black Canary title from  Brenden Fletcher and Annie Wu, perhaps you wondered what the fictional band sounded like in real life? Well, wonder no more as DC Comics has put out a real-life EP for Black Canary featuring "DD" on vocals, Paloma Terrific, Lord Byron and Ditto.

In reality, DC solicited Caveboy frontwoman Michelle Bensimon and producer Joseph Donovan to create the 3-track EP under the Black Canary banner.  You can get further info on the band on their own corner of the DC Comics website and purchase their music on their own bandcamp site.

The music actually sounds pretty good and can't help but to make you wonder if Arrow still has time to reinvent Katie Cassidy's Laurel Lance as a vocalist for a punk-pop band.  Maybe her Earth-2 doppelganger can make a fun cameo appearance?

From Gotham to Apokolips, songs for broken gods and superwomen. We are:
D.D. - screams / kicks
Paloma Terrific - electronics
Lord Byron - rhythm & shoes
Ditto - axe
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