COMICS: First Look At The New 52's BANE

COMICS: First Look At The New 52's BANE

Check out the DCnU version of Bane, who will debut in The Dark Knight #6. He pretty much retains his old look entirely, with a bit of Arkham City influence thrown in too..

Well it seems The Bat is going to be broken all over again if this image is anything to go by. The cover to David Finch's The Dark Knight #6 is a clear homage to the classic story-line "Knightfall", in which Bane snaps Batman's spine.

What do you think of this new look Bane? It's pretty much the old-look Bane in fairness. But I'm sure many of you are glad the New 52 didn't take much influence from Christopher Nolan's very different take on the character.

For a four page preview of the issue, which also features an appearnce by Superman, click the link below.

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